Monday, March 24, 2014

A Mystic Pizza Kind of Day

These days, my mother had gotten into Korean Television shows, and at first, I was like,"Those must be the stupidest,worthless shows on the planet, and there's no reason anyone should be watching them", but as I saw my mom continuing her Korean binge watching series, I saw how much she laughed, and blushed, and actually admired how these shows were set up. And she usually never, EVER gets so gushed up over any of the TV shows that I consistently get gushed up in, so one gets curious, you know?

Thank god for the ability to stream on the mobile device; it saves our family from strains over who gets to watch Netflix on the main TV. So I go to her room to watch some Korean show on Netflix on a mobile device, and I must say, I was mildly impressed at both the story lines, comedy, and acting. Perhaps not that it's good, but that's it's interesting to watch it in another language and another culture, and the comedy is also pretty different, but what got to me was the romance. There was something so sweet about it, and through that, it officially marked the day a romance kind of day. Not for me particularly, because romance is far out of my reach these days and for many days to come, but a romance movie kind of day.

So we watched Mystic Pizza of course.

It was my first time watching it, and it's an eighties movie, and no matter how bad an eighties movie is, I'm always going to love it, because the 80's are awesome and the 21st century is, well, less awesome to say the least. For example, take Flashdance. I honestly can say that I really don't like that movie, at all, but you know why I love it? The music, the hair, the clothes, the setting, the culture and the things that define the 80's, but that movie could have been so much more. It's sad, because the soundtrack is so FREAKING amazing.

ANYWAYS, back to Mystic Pizza. So the movie is about three girls women who work at a pizzeria called Mystic Pizza of course, and how each of them are faced with a different kind of love with different kind of people. The movie begins first by showing to us Jojo Barboza, who is just about to get married, and she clearly doesn't want to, and once she reaches the altar, she faints. Throughout the movie, it's clear that she loves her fiance or boyfriend or whatever you would call the guy in that situation, since they continue to see each other after the wedding doesn't follow through, but she does NOT want to get married. So throughout the movie we see Jojo almost trying to avoid the commitment of marriage through lust, and this character is played so vibrantly, it's great to watch.

So we move on to Kat and Daisy Arujo. The sisters, one headed off soon to Yale, and the other stuck at the Mystic Pizza in Connecticut. Kat (Annabeth Gish), comes from a poor family, and besides from her job at the Mystic Pizza, she finds one as a babysitter with, you guesses it, an incredibly handsome man with perfect hair, who is also a Yale alum. You can tell from the moment he gives her the job, there will be romance involved. Thing is, she's 18 and he's married with a 4 year old daughter, but throughout the movie, you see how great for each other they are.

And then there's Daisy, played by the awesome and beautiful Julia Roberts. Daisy IS beautiful and everybody knows it, so one day when she goes to a bar with Jojo, and spots the Perfect Young American Rich Kid, and he spots her, their pretty much set on the bumpy road to love. To bring more light to Daisy's love story, it's important to mention Charles Gordon Winsor, the Perfect American Rich Kid, recently got kicked out of law school for cheating, and when he finally tells Daisy, you learn more about the type of person Daisy is, and the kind of love she wants, and the love she gives.

It's weird talking about love, or analyzing love with another person, because it's different than the kind of love you have with your family. And at my age, that kind of love is pretty much a foreign language, but maybe that's why these kinds of movies are made, you know? The typical teen romance movie could usually never teach you what  real love is, or just how it happens or how it feels or makes you feel, but Mystic Pizza shows you, or at least showed me, the mechanics involved in love, and how much it can mess up your brain, but warm your heart. The thing about about Mystic Pizza are these three women, and their completely different personalities affect us, the story, and the love that they encounter.

The question here, I guess, is how does it relate to pizza at all?

Just kidding. The pizza place is a great setting. It's where the story starts and the story ends, and, be forewarned, you'll want pizza more than you've ever wanted in you life after seeing Mystic Pizza's pizza.

So I guess for now, that's my movie review of Mystic Pizza. Maybe when I'm older,views will change, my writing will be hopefully be better, and I'll be able to round up a movie story line better, but the important thing is that I wrote something today, about a movie that I genuinely loved. Yeah, I love it, and it doesn't even seem that great of a movie to me, but I love it! How the mind works....

Random statement of the day: I have a snowman pen in my possession, and it doesn't even work.

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