Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Past, and Now the Present, but I guess by the time you read it The Future

Good Lord. I officially began this blog back in 2011, and I also officially published blogs with titles and a few sentences, and once I got to at least the second sentence I'd be like, "Eh, I'll finish it tomorrow", and it's 2014 now, and I guess I never finished those measly three entries. The topics were as follows"
1. The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time
2. OneRepublic-Secrets
3. Thura's Diary

All these subjects were things that were raging in my head at the time, and were just a part of my brain at the time, but at the same time, I was a deadly procrastinator, so those inspired sittings in front of my laptop were limited to about 10 minutes.

But times have changed. 3 years have passed by, and instead, inspired sittings now last up to hours, but maybe that's because I realized how time just runs out so quickly. When your a kid, time is probably the least most important thing on your mind, because once you start thinking about time, you start thinking about how it associates with life, and as the metaphor goes, you realize life is really a ticking time clock.

But that's no way to live while your young and a kid.

The reason I say all this stuff about time, is because in 2011 I was too scared to face it, but in 2014, I'm forced to face it as I am willing to face it. I'm ready to tell people what I really think, because if humans are supposed to do anything, there supposed to think, and then say what they think. Isn't that why we have a brain and a mouth and lips, and vocal cords.These vital organs have purpose people!

Anyways, I'm ready to handily and consistently use this blog, now, because more than ever, I want to start changing the world, like, right now. But of course the human being is limited to spring forth onto unlimited success, so I start with this blog, and perhaps, just perhaps, can start changing my own world, and then a few maybe one other person's world, and then maybe the rest of the world. So I'll start with this, and let's see how it goes I guess.

Random but true statement of the day:
Out of the ten fingernails of my collective hands, one fingernail is approximately 2.5 cm's longer than the other fingernail. It's the black sheep of all my fingernails.

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