Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Original "Description" Under My Title

500 characters Max? I hate being limited, even though I would most likely not fill this space up with 500 characters of words, but still, through that, I told you something about my personality: I hate being limited to a certain time span, to a certain set of dreams, or to a certain or specific whatever. This is America people, where the possibilities are limitless! But let's face it, cynicism had taken over the world, and the world is incredibly stubborn. But you know what else, there are people out there who are not so cynical, and many of us are currently in the progress of devising a plan to get rid of that hideous cynicism one by one.

I could have told you more about me, but again, the limit thing irks me, so maybe some other time.

Five minutes after discovering I was prohibited from using the above as my description, I had to go with the lame-duck one I have now, but whatever, because I still posted it as a blog, so I guess all I have to say is take that Blogger you...


Just Kidding. Don't use bad words.

Unless you have to.

In conclusion, there is no escaping the profanity of bad words.

P.S: This blog will also be an outlet for my usage of "Big kid" words, AKA college level words, because I need start using more of those, because the world wants me to. By world I mean university and the workforce, or else they won't like me too much.

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