Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Break Vacation: Toddlers

You know, the days leading up to the blissful days of Spring Break are painful. Having to face those ugly hours and faces at school, while time slowly inches its way to your freedom from high school. Lets's all admit it: High School is oddly at the same time one of the worst places on Earth while somehow being at the same time the most rewarding places on Earth. I guess the same goes for Earth overall if were rating our planet.

ANYWAYS, back to the concept of Spring Break. It's infamously known for being a time to letting loose from the strenuous times of high school and the college days, but for people like me, it's a time to re-encounter myself with my buddies called Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Kidding, but Spring Break is becoming more to me like a time to catch up to life, as hard as it may be, but sometimes, things happen, and there's a need to visit the family, and return back to the place of their childhood. All I will say about where I am right now is that it is considered the music capital of the nation and possibly the world and is one of the best cities in America.

Anyways, my Spring Break is no longer catch-up to life time, but instead, take a few steps back in life. But I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing.

So I'm back in my old hometown, of which I lived 11 years in, and of course, I am staying with my own family members, who have their own house and their own families and their own home lifestyle. The thing is, these families are young families, with young children, so you can assume the troubles of my situation.

Here's how the patterns of sound extends throughout the day: Excited yells, Nagging, Stern Talking to, Screaming and Tears, More Excited Screaming, More Stern Talking to, More Tears, More nagging.

No matter how big the house, there is no escaping the creeping toddler consistently behind you, desperately seeking attention from this new being that has interrupted regular family scheduling in the house, and are now the object of admiration of that little toddler due to the level of coolness first represented when communicating with the toddler.

I guess you could say I'm that "cool" new being now. But see, the definition of "cool" to a toddler is WAY different than the definition of "cool" to the average teenager. But then again, most teenagers would not act around a teenager the way one would around a toddler. So out of the number of younglings in the household, one of them took a liking to me. I mean, he's a cool kid for the first 15 minutes, but then once you give a kid your attention and make him laugh for one second, he's 100% completely attached to your hip for the next two hours at the least.

For the next TWO HOURS, you are his life hero, idol, whatever you want to call it, you are his everything.
(This may be exaggerated, but that's literally what it seems like)

Anyways, during these next two hours, you begin to learn more about the brain of the average toddler, and the result is, insanity.

But they can't help it, they're still basically experimenting and learning the ways of the world, and still don't quite understand the concept of embarrassment, awkwardness, right or wrong...AT ALL.

From my observations, I have learned toddlers have this coming curiosity with the human body. Admit it, it's true! I'm almost positive, many of you out there will experience an extremely awkward moment with a toddler asking you questions about nudity or what a certain body part is and point to it using you as an example...

Then there is the topic of kissing that raises the curiosity of toddlers worldwide who begin to see kisses on TV or in movies, and it seems like it would be inevitable for a toddler to experiment with that, but all of the time, toddlers are dumb and like to play around, so if some toddlers are curious enough, they will start experimenting with kisses themselves.

So I guess to end this blog about the effects of toddlers on my Spring Break, I'll finish of with their worst quality of all. Their vocal cords.

It's their prized possession. It's like after about 2 years of not being able to speak understand English, they have found that's this new ability of theirs to speak English will give them everything they want in life. Worst of all, they put it into there minds that maybe if they cry, and cry really really hard, there's no way they can't get what they want. These freaking babies learn the importance and effect crying has on their parents, and once they realize how much their parents pay attention to them when they cry, it immediately becomes their secret weapon, of which they nastily consistently use.

I live in a house of four, including a dog. And it's wonderful becomes no one yells right into my face when they seek my attention. Instead, they respectfully yell for me from a distance. It's a mellow household, with it's moments of loudness every now and then. So trying to adjust to a household with constant commotion and toddlers running around through every corner screaming into your face; it's hard.

The thing is, I've only been here one day, and the first day is usually the day you adjust yourself to the surroundings. And when I think about how this commotion is concurrent EVERY SINGLE DAY at this household, I can't comprehend how the parents cope with this lifestyle. How does your brain not freak out with all these children whining and crying and nagging and making all the obnoxious sounds they could possibly make?

I plan to write on this blog throughout the week of Spring Break about the most notable moments or topics of the day, and unfortunately, today's was toddlers. I could have written about what it was like seeing my birthplace again, and how I took it for granted before and how much I would love to live in such an awesome and weird place again. I could have talked about the rest of my family, and how weird it seems to me that they new me as a child for so long, and now they are seeing me grow up. It's weird, as is everything in life.

Anyways, I guess my toddler rant is over by now, and yes, I do realize my blogs are way too long, but whatever; as I think you know, I hate being limited, therefore I like that blogger lets me have as long of a blog as I want.

The Not So Random Statement of the Day: I should look up a study done on toddlers ages 3-6 and see what the heck is going on in their brains that causes them to act a certain way socially.

Random Statement of the Day: There is none. But I guess I could mention how Workaholics is an awesome show, and freaking hilarious. There.

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