Friday, June 20, 2014

I like Wordpress Now Better Blogger...Sorry Not Sorry

Get ready for some senseless, worthless A-class blogging.

So, a few days ago, I spent too much time creating a Wordpress blog, and this time, I finally knew what the heck I was doing. My background is awesome. A lot better than the flashing curved lines designing this less than favorable blog theme.

It's kind of stupid really.

Not the blog theme, because I actually kind of still like my Blogger theme of colorful curvy lines, but what's stupid is the fact that I care a little to much about the blog design. But looking at it in a certain way, it can be an important asset in the feel and character of your blog. I don't know. I want to relate to the blog theme, as terrible as that sounds and is to say. I want a theme or background that fits me, that makes me feel joyful inside for certain reasons.

So let me show you my freaking awesome Wordpress background for those of you that don't care at all:

Pretty awesome right. Maybe not for you, but every time I look at it I feel like I created a masterpiece, but that's not true. It's just seeing so much awesomeness at one time overwhelms me. Like Comic Con does to any proper human being. 

I might try to make this my background on Blogger, because to be sincere, I will always feel more comfortable with my sweet blogger than my secondhand Wordpress. It's like they're both my spawn/children, and Blogger's my favorite. Unfit motherhood is the way to go. Not really. Well then, I guess I'm done talking about senseless background themes, and I shall see you all in a new dawn my friends. 

Random Statement of the Day: I wish I was half Vulcan, like Spock. That would be a beautifully complicated life. I also wish I was J.J Abrams. 

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