Thursday, June 26, 2014

World Cup Woes........

I got to say.
I've never experienced a more intense, excruciatingly painful, inspiring, disheartening, WORLD CUP.

But I guess it's because I feel like I actually understand just how much this world cup means to these soccer players, and watching The U.S national team playing, becoming familiar with the players representing my country, it's a little overwhelming. Especially sitting around the living room, with my mom and dad, my sister, even my dog, all anxiously waiting for that one legendary moment of ecstasy that comes from watching the United States score a goal.

It's awesomely beautiful.

I mean, it's really weird for me to say, and speak so passionately about soccer, because I'm not an athletic type person, but in the heat of the moment, competition drives me to destructive emotions. It's kind of fun actually, feeling so jumpy, because I don't get so excited about any other sport like I do watching soccer. I think if the U.S wins, or even makes it close to the finals, I might cry.

I mean, it's neat to feel like your part of a country who's at the World Cup, and who most did not even expect would do so well, but they have!

Still, I wish they won today against Germany. It would have been awesome. I really can't wait until the next game with the U.S. I mean, literally, my insides are going a little crazy just to watch the next game, and they haven't even announced the team they'll be playing with.

But also, I want to say, I love screaming at my T.V. It's fun and something I never do, except of course, when watching soccer, but mostly when watching the U.S play.

I usually yell about Bradley, who makes me mad and makes me question his spot on the U.S team, and them praise Beasley some more because he's cool and fast. He probably impresses me the most on the team. Also Dempsey. It's so weird that I actually now they're names now. I spent 30 minutes to possibly, hopefully not, one hour of my day Monday researching about the FIFA world cup. Not good. AHHHHHH. I have so much to get ready for but the World Cup is seriously distracting.

Okay, I think I got my feelings about the World Cup, or really the US soccer team, out of my system now. I feel better. Yes, yes I do. But I still wish won or at least tied against Germany today. Oh, and Howard, the goalie, is the bomb, even though he missed that one goal, BARELY, that came suddenly after he hit another goal. Seriously, cred's to him. Probably the best one on the team.

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