Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Amazing Spiderman 2 and The Scarlett Letter

Wow. I've never had a direct issue with spoilers before.

So yep. I saw Spideyman today.

What can I say? It was horrible, it was awesome, and at some points freaking awesome. I don't know, I enjoyed it, and for some reason I enjoyed watching Harry Osborne the most, even over Peter Parker, but I must say their scenes together were win win. I think it was Dane DeHaan that made me really like Harry though. There's just something so menacingly beautiful about how he played the  character, and he himself is a rare beautiful creature. Is it weird to describe humans that way? If I knew him, yeah, that would be awkward.

Anyways, Spiderman gave me the feels, intense ones, especially at the end. Deaths I didn't actually believe the directors and writers would dare to do, did. My only question is, how can the movie even go on. AHHHHHHHH. I don't know. So many questions, so many possibilities. But honestly this character was a central core of this entirely new franchise of Spider man movie. I kept on hoping in this person would somehow come back alive, in any way possible, going through every opportunity or way in which this character could come back, but the thing is, it's just not going to happen. And as upsetting as it is, it's something-oh, frack it. Gwen Stacy Freaking Dies! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

I mean, her life was set. Everything was perfect, or close to it, and as the scenes continued to unravel, you say to yourself, "They can't possibly do it, they can't. No no no no no, get out of his vision sir, please leave. LEAVE", but you know its going to happen. The thing about this death is...its that Emma Stone- EMMA FREAKING STONE is not going to be in this series anymore, and even in real life Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are together(and freaking adorable I may add). Sigh, but yeah.

As I was saying before, a death from someone so important to the main character is not lightly taken, and its not commonly done, so it was a bold move for them, at least in my opinion, for them to actually do it, and a new one. I know she dies in the comic books already, but you always had hope she would stay alive, not because she's a freaking genius and awesome character person, but also because Emma Stone plays her. But Fictional life is Fictional life, and as real life goes on, so must fictional life. There's still a story after the book ends guys.

So I'll miss Gwen. Not just Peter and Gwen, but Gwen, because Gwen was cool.

Anyways, by other comments on the movie, I thought it was pretty cool overall: the villains were all good, but it is somewhat discomforting watching Paul Giamatti as a Russian Rhino villain. Always like to hear his voice of complaint though. Ummm, what else? There were a lot of stories going around, and the scene where the planes are about to crash into each other, I'm just wondering if it really was essential to what was going on? It was pretty random, but whatever, it did increase the intensity of the battle scene.

Again, gotta give praise to Dane DeHaan. He was just so good. I don't know what it was! His sweetly evil smile, his anger and remorse, the way he felt pain... it was just so good! I'm really excited to get to know more of this guy.

Oh, and how this relates to The Scarlet Letter. I'm supposed to be working on it right now, but intsead I'm writing this.

Gotta go. I hear my parents coming close. Bye.

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