Saturday, May 3, 2014

Woah guys, I wrote a Poem, and I NEVER write poems

So as the title clearly states, I wrote a poem, and I kind of like it, because it was an easy poem to write. I didn't feel forced to sound monumentally inspiring and all that stuff. It was just simple, and I really like simple.

I’m scared I am not growing up to be the person
I think I am growing up to be,
Or even want to grow up to be.

I’m scared of feeling like I’m living solely to
Please others,
And not feeling like I’m living to
Please myself.

I’m scared of how much I care about
The possibility of failure
I’m scared that
Everything I know could just as easily be
Real as it is fake.

This is not a past.
This is not a future.
This is a right now.
I’m scared right now.

If I wasn’t scared,
I would be scared.
Fear is the only thing that holds us back.
And fear is the only thing that moves us forward.

So I think I’ll stay scared,

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