Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Quickie Blog. Why? Because of Stupid HW

When someone tells you they could write an endless blog covering the topic of their hatred for Homework, you believe them, because hatred for homework is real, extremely real.


Fine. Then thing is, procrastination, interests in other features of the world, better and more diverse ways to use your time on this Earth for. Those are just a few of the reasons Homework is one of a teenagers many ultra enemies from the first day of high school.

Procrastination for us millennial is on average most notably guided by the internet, or the television. Bless and curse those putrid angelic devices.

Once the power for a TV screen goes on, or a computer, you divulge yourself into the technological world, and find that it's so much cooler than crap homework.

So why am I writing this?

Because I have an entire essay due tomorrow for History on the glorious President Eisenhower... And clearly, I do not want to do it, not at all. At least this blog writing makes me look busy in the face of my parents, so it looks like my home education life is thriving, but they know me, so they'll get a close up look soon, and I'll quickly switch the screen to an educational school tab while trying not too smirk or look suspicious, but it fails nearly every time. I can't contain my guiltiness. It's a sad fact.

Oh well, I know my blogs are usually a lot longer, but I have an essay people, so I'm now going to ask my conscius not to distract my brain with any websites on movies, TV shows, Nat and Alex Wolff, social networking sites, Netflix, and all other technology unless it is a calculator. So yeah... Better get back to that essay.

God, I hate homework.

Seriously, God, human to heavenly spirit here, banish HW forever.

Just kidding. Sometimes HW is beneficial and when I have had an extremely wasteful day it makes me feel more important and like a contributor to this world... But still, I like to have a few breaks every once in a while.

Random Statement of the Day: Oracular Spectacular by MGMT. I know it was released back in 2008, but renewed recognition and praise for this album by many is needed, because it's freaking great.

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