Saturday, April 26, 2014

FSPA 2014... It's more than journalism Part 1

You know that when you listen to Hans Zimmer's Inception soundtrack, it's time to get deep.

Just kidding, but listening to "Time" -Hans Zimmer- realy makes me want to think, really think; and feel.

So this is a rare blog... a weird one really. I'm not at home, and I'm writing from a totally stranger computer... (were not really connecting, just kidding, this hotel computer is okay, but the keyboard is LI-TE-RAT-LY the worst keyboard I have ever written on in my life. I have never had to press down on keys  with such pressure in my life.)

Anyways, yeah. I'm in a resort that's not my home; I'm in the middle of the hotel bar/lounging area, and it's kinda awkward, because there's people passing by and I'm starting to get really paranoid that they're going to stop to read what I'm writing and judge me, but then I think, WHO CARES, and the Inception soundtrack helps.

Coming here, I wasn't expecting a whole lot, but sitting here, in front of this computer I've never seen, a place I've never been in, with people I barely know,  without my family-people that always make me happy, I can't help but feel good in a way. Within this convention, there's so many stories and futures that are going to grow along mine, and it makes me proud. These people have one goal; and it's to tell a story, nothing else. Tell stories; with their minds and brains and words and expressions: what people my age do here and in their tiny communities is insane. Were explaining to people about a changing community, a changing society, a changing world, and that's something nobody else but us wants to do.

--------To be continued, because I was interrupted by time, and as of now I have officially changed settings, so talk will be different.------

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