Saturday, April 12, 2014

Science Competition...When it's okay to be judged

Or, at least, when you HAVE to be judged, but really, that doesn't always have to be the case.

Some judges are pretty cool people, and give you hope in your future with science... and that sounds super cheesy, but some are really encouraging because they know what teenagers can do. Sometimes, when I'm faced with the information, teenagers are freaking crazy amazing. How does someone do all that at that age?! We are just as special as we are horrible.

It's nice here. Well, at least kinda nice: The people around you are impressive, and incredible socialites, at least with each other. My only source of socialization in this fair is with my brain and Antonio Mendez. Get it? Maybe not because it's pretty confusing, but I'm reading a book: by Antonio Mendez ofcourse, and therefore, I'm basically  communicating with his brain. Yes, it is true.

Anyways, forgive my dumbness. So yeah. Today is competition day, or otherwise known as wrath of the titanic science and math intellectuals, or otherwise stereotypically regarded as NERDS. Personally, I've never really liked that as a label to all science researchers, because some of this kids are total loose buttholes and not cool and horrible people. But really that is a small percentage, and the rest of us, from what it seems like, have the many characteristics of the average nerd.

But again, today is science competition day, and may of us have been sitting on our daringly uncomfortable chairs for painfully long periods of time, and I've used WAY too many adjectives or whatever grammar term in this paragraph.

So yeah, science fair is a big competition, and a fight to the death. Just kidding. Everyone is pretty modest, and we are required to sit for long periods of time, and we get incredibly tired, AND we have to attempt to maintain our tummy issues to a minimum and prevent from farting one use fart in the middle of the entire convention due to the chineses cuisine you ate earlier, and sometimes the whole thing is just an incredbly uncomfortable experience.

So there are positives, and there are negatives.
Science Research is becoming a pretty big part of my life, and as much as it inspires me, as much as it provides me, as much as I really like it, do I really want to do it?

I dont now, but I think I do, because if I dont, I'll regret it for the rest of my life...but then again there are other top secret eeasina, but anyways. I guess I just wanted to write about my experience with the judges.

I just wish there were more women judges for engineering. Now you know what category I was in. There should be a fair for movie information, or movie concepts. I would totally place for that... or not.

Random Statement of the day: earth is round and I have email RIGHT now

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